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Steak Processor Replaces DAF for Wastewater Treatmemt

A specialty manufacturer of fine quality, portion-controlled meat products needed a wastewater treatment technology that was reliable and could increase capacity. 


Steak Processor Replaced Dissolved Air Flotation

Meat & Poultry Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Case Study

A specialty manufacturer of fine quality, portion-controlled meat products such as quick-frozen beef, ground beef, pork, veal, turkey, and chicken, was looking for a wastewater pretreatment technology that was more reliable than their existing unit and could support their increased capacity.


Their existing wastewater room was very small, with no additional room for a second DAF (dissolved air flotation.)  The company needed to comply with permit levels and was considering a biological treatment technology to achieve that goal.


A laboratory analysis showed excellent reduction rates from the high levels of total suspended solids (TSS) and biological/chemical oxygen demand (BOD/COD) with using the GEM® System technology from Clean Water Technology.  Due to high reduction percentages of BOD/COD, (see table_ the savings were exponential since the facility achieved their permit levels by only installing the GEM System rather than running a DAF and investing in a biological treatment technology to achieve compliance.


The installation of the GEM System was so successful that the facility did not need to invest in a secondary wastewater treatment or biological treatment technology, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Additionally, the company enjoyed removal rates below government permit levels, used less chemicals, and saved in sludge hauling costs because the sludge off the GEM System was drier than that produced by a DAF system.  

Steak Wastewater Processing Table
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Key Advantages

  • No need for expensive biological system
  • Removal rates below permit levels
  • Less chemistry needed
  • Small footprint
  • Drier sludge – less hauling costs

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