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GEM® System Polishing Clarifier

Wastewater Polishing Clarifier


GEM System Polishing Clarifier

Wastewater Treatment Applications

Clean Water Technology’s GEM System, is often used as a primary or secondary clarifier after a biological process for polishing in wastewater treatment applications.

The removal of floating solids and greases from the surface, or the removal of settleable suspended solids from a biological treatment process or an activated sludge process is often done by primary or secondary clarifiers. 

The main purpose of the GEM System polishing clarifier system is to remove these solids and produce cleaner effluents.

CWT Gem Wastewater Treatment System 7

Example of a GEM System Polishing Clarifier

About Clean Water Technology 7

GEM® System Polishing Clarifier Advantages:

  • Best results – produce cleaner effluents
  • Increased net production
  • Smaller footprint minimizes building size and cost
  • Minimizes installation cost and time
  • Minimizes operator effort
  • Minimizes design costs

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