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Water/Wastewater Treatment Services

Design-Build-Own-Operate Wastewater System for Industrial Applications

Clean Water Technology, Inc., is an industry leading water/wastewater treatment solutions company dedicated to delivering our clients the most cost-effective treatment systems to meet their needs and environmental compliances. We provide planning, design, engineering, financing, construction, start-up, training, contract services (operation & Maintenance), services for any industry.

The water/wastewater treatment systems are design/engineered, built, owned, operated and maintained by Clean Water technology at industrial facilities that generate wastewater. The precess works by the client compensating CWT in relation to the amount of water treated, purified and disposed of or reused. The per-gallon charge fixes the total cost for processing the waste stream.

CWT has locations all across the globe and hires only the most experienced professionals to provide our clients all the products and services they may need to design, construct and operate an industrial water/wastewater treatment system.

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