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Water Treatment Catwalks and Platforms

Water/wastewater Treatment Components

Water Treatment Catwalks & Platforms

Catwalks, Platforms - Water/Wastewater Treatment Components

CWT water treatment catwalks provide operator and maintenance personnel safe overhead access to the wastewater system. Important safety features include skid resistant planking and stair treads, toe boards and steel safety railing

CWT water treatment catwalks are designed for heavy duty industrial and commercial applications where durability and cost effectiveness is required.

Customized for any GEM® System. Features include durable stainless-steel construction, cantilever design and can be equipped with ladders or stairs.

CWT Catwalk and Platform Advantages

  • Custom design, engineering and installation that meet facility specific requirements.

  • Platform is custom made for the GEM System, assembled with GEM System installation, no welding in the field, open space below catwalk for walkway or storage

  • Provides safe and convenient overhead access to the system

  • Skid resistant planks, stair treads. toe boards and safety railing

  • Durable: CWT structural integrity is engineered to last for life.

  • Quality: CWT manufactures our catwalks and platforms in a controlled plant environment with stringent quality control standards.

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