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CWT Wastewater Treatment Literature

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Wastewater Treatment Literature: Wastewater treatment has become an increasingly critical part of business operations over the last decade, and companies across all industrial sectors are prioritizing the reduction of water consumption as well as water reuse, by-product generation, and other sustainable efforts in the treatment of wastewater.

Clean Water Technology provides complete wastewater industry product and service solutions.  Below are just a few of wastewater treatment literature brochures.

CWT Wastewater Treatment Literature Downloads

GEM®System (Primary Treatment)

Clean Water Technology’s (Gas Energy Mixing) GEM® System is an innovative and patented approach to wastewater treatment.

GEM®System Training Portal

CWT Wastewater System Training - 24/7 online operation and maintenance courses.

Swingmill - DSM, Dewatering Screw Press System (Sludge Treatment)

Clean Water Technology’s Swingmill Dewatering Screw Press helps customers be more sustainable by dewatering sludge.

MBR, Membrane Bio-Reactor Wastewater System (Aerobic Secondary System)

Clean Water Technology’s advanced variant of the membrane bio-reactor (MBR) for the treatment of wastewater.

EGSB, Expanded Granular Sludge Bed Reactor System (Anaerobic Secondary Treatment)

Clean Water Technology Expanded Granular Sludge Bed Reactor (EGSB) is a sophisticated modification of the UASB technology.

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