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Wastewater pH Adjustment for Industrial Applications

pH adjustment is an important part of any wastewater treatment system. As part of our total wastewater treatment solutions, CWT provides pH systems for industrial applications.   The proper pH allows dissolved waste to separate from wastewater during the treatment process, controls bacteria, particulate matter, toxic chemicals and alkalinity levels.  Achieving the proper pH is important, especially prior to the GEM® System to assure our customers get maximum benefits from this superior wastewater treatment system.

The pH adjusting system uses a programmable pH controller and pH probe to control dosing of acid and caustic in a precise way, adjusting and fine tuning the pH of the wastewater.  We recommend sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide.  Other acids such as hydrochloric or nitric acid are too corrosive. 

The system is easy to calibrate.  All components are neatly housed in a compact enclosure that can either be wall mounted or free standing with an optional stainless steel stand.

pH Wastewater System Advantages

  • Proper pH assures better contaminant removal from wastewater
  • Allows dissolved waste to be separated from wastewater
  • Programmable pH adjustments
  • Easy to operate 
  • Works as part of the Clean Water Technology total wastewater treatment system(s)

A Total Systems Approach for Wastewater!

Question about pH in wastewater systems? Get in touch with us and let our experts guide you to the best pretreatment pH system that meets your application requirements.

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