"Swingmill" Dewatering Screw Press

SWingMill (DSM) - Sludge Treatment

Swingmill (DSM) Dewatering Screw Press

Swingmill (DSM) Sludge Treatment

The Swingmill Dewatering Screw Press sustainable solution.

One of our goals at Clean Water Technology (CWT) is to practice sustainability in all our processes and to bring sustainable solutions to our customers.

80% of wastewater treatment costs are associated with sludge.

  • Holding
  • Hauling
  • Disposal
The Swingmill Dewatering Screw Press helps our customers be more sustainable by dewatering sludge. Usually our GEM® System produces drier solids than other flotation and flocculation systems, but when extra dryness is needed, or if the sludge is out of a conventional DAF tank, or biological waste streams, the Swingmill will thicken and dewater sludge even further.
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Sludge Dewatering
  • Twin screws rotate simultaneously to push the sludge forward.
  • Self-cleaning spacer rings and plates move concentrically to automatically squeeze filtrate and self-clean.
  • External action avoids obstructions.
  • Creates a sludge cake which is discharged at the end of the cylinder.
  • External drive rods create a vertical motion with a pendulum movement allowing the rings to cut through gaps without making contact.
  • Greater capacity than other press types.
CWT DSM Screw Press​
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Unique Mechanisms
  • External transmission bars create dual movements – rectilinear and pendulum.
  • Movement reduces moisture content of sludge cake better than other mechanisms
  • Durable
  • Fixed ring & moving ring mechanism
  • Better dewatering through duo-movement
  • Secure casing enclosure
  • No clogging or deformation
  • Programmable & fully automatic – 24 hour operation without operator oversight
  • Drier sludge

Sludge drying after any wastewater treatment process

  • Primary treatment
  • Secondary biological treatment
  • Drying sludge before hauling and disposal or spreading for agricultural uses.

Swingmill (DSM) Benefits Include:

  • Innovative engineering and design, eliminates noise and odors
  • Rings and plates automatically squeeze filtrate while self-cleaning
  • Better performance and durability, no blockage or failure
  • Programable, fully automatic 24/7 without operator oversight
  • Industry applications include; Raw Wastewater Streams, Biological Sludge Streams, GEM System or DAF sludge system
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