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Limited water resources promp hotel laundry to recycle wastewater and meet corporate sustainability goals.


Industrial Laundry Meets Sustainability Goals

Laundry Industry WASTEWATER solutions

Wastewater reuse is becoming more important to our planet.  A large, prestigious hotel in the Cayman Islands had limited freshwater resources. Their goal was to find a technology that allowed them to clean and recycle laundry wastewater back into the process.


The corporate headquarters of this hotel chain also had overall sustainability goals in place. One of their goals included the reduction of water usage overall.

This location, surrounded mostly by sea water and a few other luxury hotels, needed a wastewater treatment system that – 

    1. Provided a small footprint
    2. Generated minimal noise
    3. Was cost-effective
    4. Supplied reusable water for the laundry process

Getting everything on their wish list proved difficult. Most wastewater treatment technologies were limited in their ability to handle higher contaminant levels (loads.)  As companies use less water, the wastewater becomes more concentrated with contaminants.   Also, higher flow rates are typical and wastewater treatment systems cannot always keep up. Furthermore, the other systems had a much larger footprint than the hotel could accommodate.

Another main need was to have reusable water that did not compromise the cleanliness of the hotel’s linens, towels, uniforms, etc..

As part of their research, the hotel tested wastewater samples cleaned by the Clean Water Technology (CWT) proprietary GEM® System and compared it to a conventional dissolved air flotation (DAF.)


Clean Water Technology installed a GEM® System followed by Ultrafiltration (UF.) This provided the highest level of contaminant removal using the least amount of chemistry, the smallest footprint and the flexibility to handle higher flows and contaminate loading as usage increases.


The GEM System followed by ultrafiltration provided the hotel with a system that was efficient, had a small footprint, used polymer sparingly and was the most effective at treating their used laundry water for reuse.

The combination systems are expandable and will require no additional capital to meet higher flow or loading rates.

The hotel now has a wastewater treatment system that produces clean water for reuse, and allows them to meet corporate sustainability goals while producing clean, sanitary laundry.

GEM System cleans water better than DAF
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Key Advantages

  • Clean water for reuse.
  • Sustainability goals met.
  • Less chemical use.
  • Adaptable system is able to expand.

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