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GEM® System

Patented Primary Wastewater Treatment

Patented GEM System

Since the middle of the 20th Century, very little has changed in wastewater treatment (WWT) regarding flotation and flocculation. Industrial plants have had few options available to clean water, until now.

Clean Water Technology’s (Gas Energy Mixing) GEM® System is an innovative and patented approach to wastewater treatment. This superior flocculation and flotation system delivers results significantly better than alternative wastewater treatment technologies.

The GEM System removes higher levels of contaminants than conventional dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems, using less chemicals, while generating significantly drier sludge. The GEM System footprint is over 50% smaller than a typical DAF (dissolved air flotation) of similar capacity.

The GEM System: most sustainable primary wastewater treatment system for the removal of TSS (total suspended solids,) FOG (fats, oils, grease,) and undissolved materials.

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The GEM System uses unique hydro-cyclone technology in the Liquid, Solid, Gas Mixing Heads (LSGM.) In these heads, chemistry is injected and air is dissolved into 100% of the wastewater stream while creating a vortex. The random flocculation and flotation process of a DAF system becomes a managed process in the GEM System resulting in the removal of more contaminants and drier sludge. 

CWT GEM® System Advantages:

  • Better contaminant removal rates than DAF systems.
  • Adaptability – the GEM System adjusts to higher flow rates and higher contaminant levels without equipment changes.
  • Less chemicals – uses 20%-80% less chemicals than DAF systems.
  • Smaller Footprint – uses less space than other flotation and flocculation systems.
  • Drier Sludge –  the technology of using long chain polymers produces drier sludge (8 to 13% drier and over 20% after decanting.)

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