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Aerobic MBR System

Secondary Wastewater Treatment for Water Reuse

Aerobic MBR System

Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) for the Treatment of Wastewater in a Secondary Process

The advanced variant of the Clean Water Technology (CWT) membrane bio-reactor (MBR) for the treatment of wastewater, combines two processes:

  • An aerobic biological degradation process
  • A membrane separation process

The aerobic process uses biological degradation to suspend solids that are then separated from the treated wastewater by a membrane filtration unit.

How the CWT MBR Works

This compact unit consists of a bioreactor where air is injected into the mixed liquor by means of a blower.  A settling tank, known as a final clarifier or secondary clarifier, allows biological flocs to settle, thus separating the biological sludge from the clear treated water.  This process greatly reduces chemical oxygen demand (DOD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) and nutrients. 

A membrane filtration zone then uses an ultrafine filter (UF) to separate fine particles resulting in a high quality effluent that can be reused for certain purposes.

Differences in the CWT MBR
  • The CWT MBR uses a proprietary hollow fiber membrane producing better and cleaner effluent.
  • Space requirements are less than a traditional activated sludge process because total suspended solids (TSS) are at a higher concentration in the mixed liquor.
  • The units produce cleaner reusable effluent suitable for certain types of applications.  
  • CWT also manufactures these units in containers for easy use and movability.

CWT’s MBR can be containerized or can be a design construction in accordance to site conditions.

Wastewater Industry

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Clean Water Technology MBR Advantages

  • High quality effluent – suitable for reuse
  • Better Solids removal
  • No secondary settler needed
  • Less sludge
  • Less space required
  • Can be containerized
  • Easy operatios

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