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Wastewater Treatment Screens for Industrial Applications

CWT’s wastewater treatment screens, coarse solids screens are designed for removal of coarse solids for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Coarse solids screens are widely used in the wastewater pretreatment and industrial wastewater treatment process.

CWT can provide a wide variety of wastewater treatment screens including:

  • Side hill screens
  • Self-cleaning rotary drum – internally fed screens and externally fed screens
  • Vibrating screens

Wastewater Treatment Screens Advantages

  • Simple screen and unibody design for long-lasting, trouble-free unit
  • Mechanically, the simplest screens on the market
  • Cleaner discharge
  • Saves labor and wastewater handling costs
  • Thermoplastic main bearings eliminate lubricants
  • Reduces level of solids, fats, oils,  grease (FOG), biological oxygen demand (BOD) and  total suspended solids (TSS)
  • Lowers chemical usage in post water treatment
  • Optional PLC Controls
Wastewater Treatment Screens Clean Water Technology

We Build Solutions for Lasting Success!

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