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Local regulation changes prompted dairy plant to improve their wastewater treatment process.


Dairy Producer Complies with Demanding Standards

Dairy Industry WASTEWATER solutions

Case Study

A dairy processing plant in Colombia has a long history in Latin America.  Due to new regulation standards of local municipalities for wastewater effluent, they needed to improve the wastewater treatment system for the production and equipment washing processes.  They also needed to increase production and subsequent flow rates. 



The local municipality effluent standards for Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) were lowered to  7 mg/L (7 ppm.) Like many dairy processing plants, this facility had high levels of total suspended solids (TSS,) fats, oils, grease (FOG,) and chemical/biological oxygen demand (COD/BOD.)   

In addition, the company needed to increase production and thus flow rates from 25 m3/h (110 gpm) to 34.2 m3/h (150 gpm) due to high demand for their products.

The primary dissolved air flotation (DAF) system was not adequately meeting the effluent standards set by the municipality  Occasionally the COD/BOD were double the design parameters of the old DAF and it could not keep up.  Space issues were a concern for the dairy producer as well.  There was just not enough space to add more DAF Systems.  


Clean Water Technology (CWT) proposed an advanced primary wastewater treatment system (GEM® System 150/300,) followed by a biological wastewater treatment system of an EGSB anaerobic reactor which removes 75% of the BOD/COD, converting it into a biogas, and then an MBR bioreactor which achieves an effluent value below the municipal discharge minimum requirements. 


The dairy facility choose the CWT proposal because it was the only wastewater treatment solution that met the requirements of money savings and achieved needed effluent levels. 

  • The compact GEM System met space and money savings requirements.
  • The GEM System 150/300 removes more than 85% of the BOD/COD required.
  • The biological wastewater treatment (EGSB & MBR) is ideal for the high concentration effluent and reduced sludge production.
  • The system achieves better results than expected even when flows fluctuate and the concentration of pollutants in the influent increases.  
  • Industry: Dairy
  • Location: Colombia, South America
  • Technology: GEM System + EGSB + MBR
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Key Advantages

  • Compliance to municipal
    standards achieved
  • Reduced space requirements
  • Reduced wastewater treatment costs
  • Cutting edge technology

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