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Rendering plant needed an expandable wastewater treatment system to reduce hauling and other costs.


Rendering plant installed Expandable Wastewater Treatment System

rendering Industry WASTEWATER solutions

Case Study

Referrals and recommendations led this rendering plant to the discovery of Clean Water Technology and the GEM® System for the primary treatment of wastewater.


Due to a lack of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) facilities, a leading rendering plant in Utah was faced with having to transport wastewater 20 miles for treatment.  They made inquiries to other rendering companies on recommendation for cleaning their wastewater.  The overwhelming recommendation was Clean Water Technology (CWT) and the GEM System.

The plant produced 50,000 gpd (189.3 m3d) of wastewater that was very high in total suspended solids (TSS,) fats-oils-grease (FOG,) and biological oxygen demand (BOD.)  The discharged water needed to meet state regulations for land applying water.  This company also needed a system that would easily expand as they grew or as production increased.


Clean Water Technology installed a GEM® System 20/75 and a chemical system to process the wastewater at an initial 20 gpm (075 m3/m.)  Contaminant levels were reduced to below levels needed for land spreading regulations.  (see chart to the right.)  As time passed, the same system is processing 50 gpm (0.18m3/m) with no additional equipment needed.


Having a wastewater treatment plant on premise greatly saved transportation costs for this facility. 

The GEM System primary treatment for wastewater reduced contaminant levels that were below state compliance standards and reduced government fines. 

The system has expanded with the facility growth in production and flow rates.

This facility is grateful for the recommendations of the plants who introduced them to Clean Water Technology and the GEM System.

  • Industry: Meat Rendering
  • Location: Utah, USA
  • Technology: GEM® System
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Key Advantages

  • Reduced transportation cost
  • Met state & municipal effluent standards
  • Expandable system
  • Lowered government fines

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