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Wastewater Equalization

Wastewater Equalization for Industrial and Commercial Applications

Wastewater influent is not consistent in load and varies in total suspended solids(TSS), contaminant levels of fats, oils, grease (FOG), phosphorous, metals, and BOD/COD, etc.  It is often necessary to hold the inflow of wastewater in tanks to allow these levels to be consistent before sending the wastewater downstream to the wastewater treatment process. This allows the downstream process to be more efficient and to use less chemicals.

The CWT EQ tanks vary in size, material, and storage capacity depending on the customer’s process and needs.

CWT Equalization Tanks Advantages

  • Sized by our wastewater treatment experts to fit the needed capacity.
  • Allows consistent load and flow levels entering our GEM® System for the primary treatment of wastewater or other downstream processes.
  • Assures the proper pH of the wastewater to facilitate the efficiency of the wastewater treatment.
  • Lowers chemical needs downstream and reduces chemical costs in the wastewater treatment process.

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