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Wastewater Treatment Onsite Demonstrations

When making a decision about wastewater treatment in your facility, you want to be sure it is the best solution for your process.  That is why we offer on-sight demonstrations for our wastewater treatment systems. 

Our customers often try before they buy, or rent systems for an extended period of time.  Try a head-to-head trial such as:

  • GEM System vs DAF system
  • Swingmill sludge dewatering vs other brands or technologies
  • Even secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment demos can be planned

 The results are so impressive, you will be impressed.

We are so confident you will achieve your sustainability and wastewater effluent goals by using our systems, we want to bring a demo unit to you.  

Ask us for a demo unit, today!

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Demonstrations Include:

Each project is unique.  Let’s talk about your wastewater sustainability goals and then plan your demonstration in your facility. 

We Build Solutions for Lasting Success!

Call or click to schedule an onsite demonstration and see what facilities all over the world already know, CWT is the best choice for innovative wastewater treatment systems.

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