(UF) Ultrafiltration Water Treatment


UF - Ultrafiltration Water Treatment System

Tertiary Water/Wastewater Treatment Solution

Clean Water Technology’s Ultrafiltration water treatment system can be skid-mounted or containerized according to client preference. The UF System is custom designed to handle a wide variety of streams ranging from direct discharge to well water and sea water processing.

CWT’s Ultrafiltration water treatment tertiary system provides a full scope of filtration for applications which require a fine degree of particle removal. The UF tertiary treatment is ideal for water re-use, water recycling and drinking water.

Ultrafiltration (UF) Advantages

  • Fully skid mounted systems minimizing site installation labor and duration.
  • Operator friendly, enhanced by a simple-to-operate HUMAN MECHANIC INTERFACE (HMI) console.
  • Engineered using best available technology and components from leading manufacturers.
  • Designed for durability, easy maintenance and minimal operational costs.
  • Standard and custom-built systems. The former designed and built for mounting in standard trailers.
  • Large volume purchasing power cuts on the cost of components, which in turn are passed on to the clients.
Questions about CWT’s Ultrafiltration Water Treatment?
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