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AUGUAS RESIDUALS INFO Highlights Clean Water Technology’s Wastewater Treatment Systems The publication, AGUASRESIDUALES.INFO in Spain, reported about innovation in the meat industry in Spain with an advanced flocculation and flotation […]

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In support of CWT’s commitment to continuous improvement, we are introducing our leading-edge online training modules which are unprecedented in the industry. These training modules, available 24/7 from your computer or smart phone are available in both English and Spanish.

Clean Water Technology, Inc. Moves to New Online Address

Clean Water Technology, Inc. (CWT), the leader in the design and delivery of innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions, announced today that they are changing their on-line address to Operating as a global company with offices and joint ventures in 18 countries, this change simplifies digital

Press Release CWT Hires New CEO Mike Yeager


Clean Water Technology, Inc. (CWT), a global leader in water and wastewater treatment technologies, is pleased to welcome Mr. Mike Yeager as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

A New Approach to Wastewater Treatment

Clean Water Technology New Approach to Wastewater Treatment

Engineers at Clean Water Technology developed and implemented a system that combines the best features of centrifugal and DAF. Compressed air and treatment chemicals are introduced at the same time into the heads of the liquid hydrocyclones. Therefore, solids floc nucleation occurs at the same time as bubble nucleation.

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