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Dairy Eliminated Municipal Wastewater Surcharges

Dairy processor needed an onsite wastewater treatment to remove TSS, FOG, COD/BOD but were limited by space and hindered by municipal surcharges…


Wastewater Surcharges Were Eliminated with GEM System

Wastewater Treatment Solutions for the Dairy Industry

Case Study

A premier dairy processor of milk, chocolate milk, ice cream, sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt needed an onsite wastewater treatment technology to remove high levels of total suspended solids (TSS,) fats, ils and grease (FOG,)  as well as chemical/biological oxygen demand (COD/BOD) contaminants.  

They were paying high surcharges because the effluent discharge from their facility did not meet the municipal standards in their area.


They were limited in space and hindered by these municipal surcharges. During the search for a system, the company learned about Clean Water Technology’s (CWT) small footprint GEM® System.  The dairy took advantage of CWT’s wastewater sample analysis service and sent wastewater samples to the CWT in-house laboratory for analysis.  In this processes, they found that the contaminant removal rates with the primary wastewater treatment GEM System exceeded the regulatory agency’s requirements.


The facility used another service provided by CWT.  A trial GEM System was sent to the facility and put in place.  This allowed the company to test the effectiveness of the wastewater treatment system before they purchased. 

Since a large volume of coarse solids were present on a regular basis and radical swings in pH and contaminant loadings were observed, CWT was able to pin-point solutions.  pH ranged from 2 to 12 and TSS ranged from 335 to 2,600 NTU.  Turbidity fluctuated from 750 to 18,500 ppm of COD.

The trial demonstrated that the best removal rates were achieved when pH was in the 7.5 to 8.0 range.  An equalization tank (EQ) was proposed to maintain pH and homogenize the waste stream.  Coarse solids were easily removed using a sidehill or rotary drum screen (RDS.)

The dairy installed a GEM® System 75/150 and a 20 mesh RDS to sit atop a 40,000 gallon EQ tank outfitted with a D-Loop that adjusts pH and a mixer that homogenizes the waste stream.


The total wastewater solution of a primary treatment system provided by Clean Water Technology solved the company’s issues with wastewater regulatory surcharges.  TSS was reduced by 99%, COD reduced 75% and turbidity was reduced 99% on a regular basis. Municipal wastewater effluent compliance was achieved using these components:

  • Rotary drum screen:  large solids are removed before chemistry is needed.
  • Equalization Tank: variation in contaminant loadings are minimized and the waste stream going to the GEM System is consistent.  pH is also balanced in the EQ tank prior to the Gas Energy Mixing primary treatment.
  • GEM System 75/150:  Easily reduces contaminants to below compliance levels.
  • Industry: Dairy
  • Location: Midwest, USA
  • Technology: GEM® System
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Key Advantages

  • Municipal surcharges eliminated
  • Rotary drum screen removed large solids
  • EQ tank balanced wastewater prior to primary wastewater treatment
  • GEM® System demo proved effectiveness before purchase

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