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Case Study - Canning Plants

Canning Plant Upgrades Wastewater Treatment

Tough environmental scrutiny of the canning industry and changing regulations create challenges for canning companies in their management of wastewater.

Canning Plant Complies with Municipal Wastewater Regulations

Municipal Effluent Regulations Fluctuate for Canning Plants

Case Study

Changing environmental regulations, tightened permit levels, and increased utilization of manufacturing assets often drives capacity constraints for canning companies and their wastewater treatment plants. We understand these challenges.  


Like most canning operations, this plant was operated seasonally. Production volume and product mix changed from year-to-year, making wastewater treatment challenging from a flow rate and contaminant loading perspective.  

In addition, water conservation efforts caused  increased levels of contaminants in the wastewater stream. This company was using collection and treatment in large lagoons, followed by land spreading as their wastewater treatment process. Wastewater treatment regulation changed.  A reduction in the number of months that land spreading could occur and tighter phosphorus limits were imposed. These put constraints on capacity and production expansion.

The Solution

The GEM® System was introduced to the wastewater treatment manager at this canning plant. A GEM System was installed in the existing wastewater treatment room at the plant. There was no need for building expansion because the GEM System is a compact unit with a high capacity to reduce contaminants.  

Collected solids are reused for animal feed, giving the company more sustainable benefits than previously.

Great results are realized by using the GEM System as can be seen in the chart on the right.  

In addition, the GEM System can be idled seasonally. This facility chooses to use the guidance and assistance of the Clean Water Technology Customer Care Team to ‘put the GEM System to bed.’ 

Key Advantages

  • Seasonal use possible
  • Adaptable to flow and product mix
  • Removes phosphorus to regulation 
  • Collected solids reused for animal feed


The large lagoons were eliminated because the compact wastewater treatment system delivered load reduction better than the company previously realized including bringing phosphorous levels below regulation limits.

The GEM System wastewater treatment process is easily operated on a seasonal basis and adapts to the flow and contaminant levels of when the facility changes product mix.

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